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Sunrise Mall, Citrus Heights, CA - October 20, 2007
Charlotte Owendyk, General Rose Show Chair; Baldo Villegas, Assistant Chair; Elsina Dean, Artistic Section Chair

Queen of Show: Gemini entered by Duane & Melody Carlson

Moonstone, King of Show exhibited by Ellie Longanecker

Black Magic, Princess of Show exhibited by Duane & Melody Carlson

Miniflora Queen: Louisville Lady entered by Ernie & Sue Magill

Dr. John Dickman, exhibited by Baldo Villegas

Jerry Lynn, exhibited by Baldo Villegas

Miniature Queen: Miss Flippins entered by Baldo Villegas

Pucker Up, exhibited by Baldo Villegas

Jean Kenneally, exhibited by Duane & Melody Carlson

Sunee Webb with the Green Rose which one Best Old Garden Rose

Linda Knowles with Soaring Spirits, Best Climbing Rose

Debbie Arrington with a small bouquet of Rainbow Sunblaze

Charlotte Owendyk's entry of 3 Michael Cholet miniature blooms won this challenge class

Shirley Maracia won Best Novice entry

Duane & Melody Carlson's entry of Giggles won the Best Miniature Cycle of Bloom

Judy Frederick's entry of Fourth of July won the Best Trailing Rose entry

Sunee Webb with her winning arrangement

Elsina Dean with one of her many entries in the Arrangements Division

Elsina Dean next to the Best of Show Arrangement

Dixie Edge making rose lapels to sell during the show.

Judging Team 1 - Gail Trimble, Aileen Jackson, and George Jennings

Judging Team 2 - Joan Goff, Dave Coop, and Betty Mott

Arrangements Judges: Barbara Gordon & Dolores Moffat

Muriel Humenick getting the Miniature Roses judged; Dave Coop & Betty Mott help out eliminate some of the roses

Muriel Humenick and Judi Stewart counting the judges votes for the Queen of Show

Melody Carlson and our friend "Gay" enjoying the many blooms in the rose show

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Altissimo, a large flowered climbing rose that does exceptionally well in the Sacramento area.

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