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Nimbus Winery, Rancho Cordova, CA - September 27, 2003
Duane Carlson, General Rose Show Chair; Colleen Gallagher, Artistic Section Chair
Rose Show Results compiled by Ann Mansker

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Sunee Webb putting together some of her arrangements in the show

Barbara Salerno of Reno puts the last finishing touches to her arrangement

Arrangement judges taking a break for a quick picture.

Beverly Rose Hopper and George judging the one bloom per stem Hybrid Tease & Grandifloras

Judging the one bloom per stem Hybrid Tease and Grandifloras

Judging the miniature rose entries

Judges examining the mini bloom entries while the show clerks attach ribbons and record the winning entries

Judging the Court of Honor for Queen, King and Princess of Show

Tom Bonfigli examining one of the entries closely before voting for Queen of Show

Muriel Humenick and Dorothy Tyson Patty recording the winning entries

Judy Smith recording the winning entries

Calligrapher preparing the Certificates for the Winning Entries.

Doug Hall, checking the show schedule to make sure that the clerks are doing their job

John Kotick taking care of the information desk

Trophy Table

Trophy Table

George Thompson letting the public smell the fragrance of his winning entry of Chrysler Imperial which was voted the most fragrant rose in the show

Ann Mansker answering questions from the public

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Altissimo, a large flowered climbing rose that does exceptionally well in the Sacramento area.

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