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Photos from the 2003 NCNH District Convention

Betty Ann Cassina was the first Silver Medal Recipient


Dena Wagner was the second Silver Medal Recipient


Baldo Villegas presenting the Outstanding Consulting Rosarian Award to Bob Bergthold of San Jose, CA for all his contributions to the District.


Beverly Rose Hopper (on the left), presenting the Outstanding Judge Award to Barbara Gordon of Los Altos, CA for her great work both as horticultural and arrangements judge.


Jolene Adams opened the 2003 NCNH District Convention and her many helpers from the East Bay Rose Society made sure that everything ran smoothly


Jeri and Clay Jennings gave a great presentation on their search for old roses in unusual and out of the way places.


Dr. Bob Raabe, professor emeritus from UC Berkeley, have an great presentation on rose diseases.


Rich Baer gave a great presentation on New Roses in the Horizon. He is flanked by his wifey Charold on the left and Jolene Adams on the right






























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