The Best Old Garden Roses to Grow

by Baldo Villegas, Orangevale, CA

Autumn Damask

Baronne Prevost

Baronne Prevost #2

Baronne Prevost taken by Linda Burg



Ferdinand Pitchard


Glendora #3

Green Rose Spray

Green Rose Spray #2

Harrison's Yellow

Lavender Lassie

Madam Isaac Perriere

Marchesa Boccella

Marchesa Boccella #2

Mme Pierre Oger

Mrs. Dudley Cross


Old Blush Spray

Paul Neyron

Paul Neyron #2

Paul Neyron #3


Persian Yellow

Pink Grotendorst

Reine des Violettes

Roger Lambelin

Rosa banksia lutea (Yellow Lady Banks)

Rosa californica

Rosa mirifica

Rosa rugosa rubra

Rosa xanthina

Rose de Rescht

Rose de Rescht #2

Rose de Rescht #3

Rose de Rescht #4

Rosa roxburghii bud

Rosa roxburghii


Souvenir de la Malmaison

Souvenir de la Malmaison #1

Souvenir de la Malmaison #2

Zephrine Douhein

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Last updated: August 7, 2002