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What's Blooming in Baldo's Rose Garden - April 24, 2002

The front yard of my property is has been at its best in the past few days. This is the eastern boundry of the property with my neighbors that allowed me to put a small rose garden in their side yard. The first rose next to the sign is Leonidas -- no powdery mildew!! Did you see my cat Patches?

This is my front property along the sidewalk. Note all the minis -- My Sunshine, X-Rated, Kristin, Peggy T, Carrot Top, Giggles, etc.The climbing shrub is Abraham Darby which is followed by Perfect Moment, St Patrick, etc.

This the part right next to my gate. Climbing Rainbow's End is just about in full bloom.

On the other side of the gate is Climbing Candy Cane. Below are an assortment of minis which starts with Magic Carrousel, Irresistible, Secret Recipe, Rookie, Cricket, Black Jade and Jean Kenneally.

On the other side of the driveway there are more roses. On the fence are Berries n Cream, Handel, Flutterby, Dr. Dick. Along the sidewalk are many minis. The white one is Sharon's Delight a beautiful white single shrub formerly classed as a mini, at least when I planted it there in 1996.

Continuing into my neighbor in the west side of my property you can see that I expanded my garden into there too. There are minis planted every foot along the walkway and the two climbers that you see on the fence are Handel.

Hybrid Tea Roses

Asso di Couri or Ace of Hearts! Great rose at this time of the year.

Camara, at its glory right now.

Sanka, first bloom of the season.

Dainty Bess, medium pink hybrid tea rose with a single row of petals. This is the climbing sport of Dainty Bess.

First Prize, a medium pink hybrid tea rose on my neighbor's side of the fence. If it only had longer stems, this rose would be great to have in the Sacramento area.

Granada taken while visiting Steve and Diana Steps in Saratoga, CA on Sunday April 7, 2002.

Sundancer, a yellow blend hybrid tea rose from the house of Meilland.

Floribunda Roses

Playfair, a light pink floribunda rose with a single row of petals. This rose is a bit stingy but great to have.

Shrub Roses

Abraham Darby - I have two of them and love them!

Sharon's Delight, a pure white shrub with a single row of petals.

Sparrieshoop, medium pink shrub rose with a single row of petals. I have grown it as a climbing rose for nearly 20 years. It has quite a set of strong prickles so watch it! It is somewhat susceptible to powdery mildew but this year it hasn't been bothered by it.

Miniature Roses

Loving Touch

Grace Seward

Magic Carrousel, a red blend mini

Minnie Pearl, a pink blend mini

Miss Flippins, a medium red colored miniature rose that has great exhibition form and the first to bloom in the garden.

Peggy "T", a red blend mini with a single row of petals. One of my favorite minis because of its colorful blooms.

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